Investment Analysis & Portfolio Mangement

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Mangement



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The primary objective of this workshop is to enable candidates to evaluate alternative investment strategies and develop a good understanding of the riskreturn trade-off when investing in shares of companies listed on regional and other major stock markets. Candidates will gain an excellent understanding of the topics through a variety of means, including quizzes, computer exercises, and case study discussions.

This is an enhanced 6 – Day training programme consisting of 4 days class training and 2 days visits to financial institutions and local attractions in Manchester – UK

KD 1360 programme fees with 7 nights in Hilton Hotel in Manchester

Programme Fees include the following:

• Programme training, materials and certificate • Manchester Airport and daily transportation to hotel and other programme visits • Medical Insurance • Lunch provided every day

All fees should be paid 30 days before the programme start date

please follow the link below for further info:

Who should attend this course?

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