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Course Overview


There is no activity more fundamental to personal and organizational success than decision-making. It is the one task shared by every leader and professional in an organization. It is also how they individually and collectively earn their keep.

Yet there is never a guarantee that leaders and professionals will always make good decisions, even in the gentlest circumstances. Being able to consistently make high-quality decisions in challenging circumstances is an even rarer skill.

Drawing on the most recent research in neuroscience, decision theory and behavioral economics, Decision Mojo™ is a powerful learning experience that helps participants recognize key cognitive traps that can cause sub-optimum decisions. Learn the very specific strategies for avoiding the traps and making more effective decisions.

An organization’s continued success in uncertain times requires a cadre of leaders and professionals skilled in the art & science of making good decisions

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Learning Outcomes

During the workshop participants experience various decision situations that are designed to replicate the decisions they face in reality. Each decision situation drives at least one of the following learning outcomes:

  • Being able to recognize the cognitive traps that can sabotage a decision process or outcome
  • Practicing a variety of techniques and approaches for making better decisions
  • Learning anticipatory decision strategies for situations participants may encounter in the future
  • Learning how to apply the 8 Disciplines of Decision Acumen to improve effectiveness in both organizational and personal decision situations
  • Applying the appropriate decision-making strategies for different types of situations

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