Business Knowledge: "No Such Thing as a Bad Idea"

Business Knowledge: "No Such Thing as a Bad Idea"



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This Knowledge Talk is designed to show you how there really is no such thing as a bad idea, stimulate entrepreneurial attitudes, and inspire you to believe in the power of the human imagination.

About the speaker

Anthony Gerrard is a Scottish Social Entrepreneur, and Founder of Bad Idea - a training company that inspires entrepreneurship. In his talk, Anthony gives a candid account of his journey from startup to advising the Scottish Government on youth entrepreneurship, and being recognized by the European Commission for demonstrating best practice in developing entrepreneurial curriculums. He has delivered talks at Social Innovation events across Europe, is a Guest Lecturer on Global Social Entrepreneurship at Glasgow Caledonian University, and has presented to delegations from Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand with the British Council. In 2015/16 Anthony was highly commended for Social Entrepreneur of the Year, recognized for Outstanding Contribution by a Young Business Leader, and his company was nominated for 8 awards including Social Enterprise of the Year.

Strategic Partners: Dawrat and Sirdab Lab

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