Digital Fabrication 101

Digital Fabrication 101



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Course Description: This workshop is aimed to bridge digital design with tangible fabrication. The workshop is open to all particularly those in the design fields who wish to learn the basics of using Rhino 3D modeling software, and grasshopper to turn digital form into tangible objects. No prior knowledge of Rhino is required and the software program will be made available for free to all workshop participants. We will learn how to model complex forms and be introduced to a variety of techniques and materials to produce a final product. The final product can be purely aesthetic or have a functional dimension. Scale will vary catering to the goals of each workshop participant. The goal is to acquire a comfortable skill level in digital modeling, fabrication but also widen the horizon into possibilities and techniques for project representation and/or product design. Instructor Background

Shahab Albahar is an architect, landscape architect and fine artist. He holds dual Bachelor degrees in Architecture and in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (2012) and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University (2015). He is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at the University of Virginia. He has previously taught courses in design and theory at Kuwait University’s College of Architecture. Prior to that he was Co-Founder of Parallel Studio having completed several design projects in Kuwait and in Saudi Arabia before returning to the States to commence his doctoral studies. Shahab led several workshops aside from his teaching career and is currently Co-Managing Director of Inmaginative; a consultancy firm helping prospective students gain admission to competitive programs in design at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

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