Leadership for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Leadership for Aspiring Entrepreneurs



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Find The Leader in You!

Objectives: This course is designed to introduce aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals who lead others to the essentials of leadership. The course will begin with a brief introduction to leadership theory and move to discuss vision building, competency development and the art of influence.

Upon completion of this course, participants will walk away with the following outcomes:

• An understanding of leadership theory • Application of techniques that allow their influence to extend beyond hierarchal orders and create a sense of unity across the whole organization. • The ability to lead by example • An understanding of competencies that empower leaders to influence others • Create and share an inspiring vision • Set personal and organizational goals.

Detailed Outline

Inspiring a Shared Vision • Choosing Your Vision

A Personal Inventory • Model the Way • Inspire a Shared Vision • Challenge the Process • Enable Others to Act • Encourage the Heart • A Personal Inventory • Creating an Action Plan • Set Leadership Goals • Address the Goals • Seek Inspiration • Choose a Role Model • Seek Experience • Create a Personal Mission Statement

Modeling the Way • Determining Your Way • Being an Inspirational Role Model • Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Enabling Others to Act • Encouraging Growth in Others • Creating Mutual Respect • The Importance of Trust

Encouraging the Heart • Sharing Rewards • Celebrating Accomplishments • Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Basic Influencing Skills • The Art of Persuasion • The Principles of Influence • Creating an Impact

Setting Goals • Setting SMART Goals • Creating a Long-Term Plan • Creating a Support System

Challenging the Process • Developing Your Inner Innovator • Seeing Room for Improvement • Lobbying for Change

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