Mystical Geometry - Acrylic Workshop

Mystical Geometry - Acrylic Workshop



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In the 2 days’ workshop Fernando Chamarelli will show his technique of geometry/symmetry using his mystical South American inspiration with 1-hour introduction per day, he will be showing music, images and sensorial experiences that built his style.

His country, Brazil is a multicultural melting pot, a place of contrasts ripe with color and music – it is a constant source of inspiration to Fernando’s work. His universe of fantasies and sensorial stimulation revolves around ten pillars: spirituality, Mysticism, history, symbolism, mythology, philosophy, astrology, occultism, anthropology and geometry.

Materials: Brushes, Acrylic Paint, Gloves, Canvas Size 40x40

  • 3 Hours/Day
  • 1 Hour – Introduction
  • 2 Hours – Practice

This Workshop in Partnership with ArtSpace Gallery/Studio

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