The Effective Human Resources Administrator

The Effective Human Resources Administrator

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7 إبريل إلى 11 إبريل
09:00 ص إلى 02:00 م
2500 دولار أمريكي
فندق كارلتون شارع الشيح زايد
Dubai, United arab emirates

- During sessions will be 2 coffee breaks. and lunch after last session

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Objectives: • Describe the work and structure of a modern personnel (HR) department • State why accurate and accessible HR records are essential • Describe the steps involved in a recruitment campaign • State the HR requirements for the induction of a new employee • Describe the uses of different selection and recruitment tools • Help to plan and administer performance appraisals • State the benefits of having an HR Strategy and long term HR Plan Outline: An overview of the HR function • Roles and Responsibilities of the Human Resources Administrator • Typical HR department structures • Centralised versus distributed HR • The HR service centre concept • Where the department fits in the organisation • HR jobs and systems • Qualifications and professional study Working with Employees and Job Analysis • Terms and Conditions of Employment • Rights and obligations of employers and employees • Health and safety • Complying with employment law • Job Analysis • Developing Job Descriptions and Person Specifications • The use and application of Job Analysis information Recruitment and Selection • HR Planning • Recruitment process • Recruitment sources and methods • Selection process • The Application and CV’s • Assessment and development centres • Aptitude tests • Psychometric profiling • Reference checking and screening • Contracts and offers Training and Development • Introduction to Training and development • Training Administration • Induction and basic job training for new employees • The science of adult learning • Learning styles • The Training co-ordinator • The Training cycle • Validation and Evaluation Performance Management and the Administration of Pay • Introduction to Performance Management • The Performance Appraisal • Administration requirements • Links to salary increase and bonus • The pros and cons of performance appraisals • Pay and reward, compensation and benefits • Salary structures • Payroll administration • Personal action planning

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