Trillion Dollar Opportunities

Trillion Dollar Opportunities



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Join Professor Joe Haslam, Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business School for a seminar on the new era of Scaleup Entrepreneurship and discover the Trillion Dollar Opportunities of the future. Learn about the move away from a focus on innovation to one of sustainability. A move away from managing for scarcity to one of managing for abundance. A move away from thinking linearly to thinking exponentially. This session will explore the way in which companies are scaling up and the way of the future through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Synthetic Biology and 3D Printing. Professor Joe Haslam will discuss how these technologies will solve problems in areas such as energy, education, water, food and health.

About the speaker Joe Haslam is the cofounder of five companies. Marrakech, the first company he cofounded, raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled to 250 staff. He is now the cofounder and Chairman of Hot Hotels, the first company from Spain to be accelerated by the Techstars program in the USA (Boston, Summer 15) At IE Business School, he is the Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program an Executive Education Program designed for small businesses that want to scale. In the MBA program, he teaches an elective called Humanities Grand Challenges which focuses on the opportunities for entrepreneurs to use exponential technologies to solve problems in the fields of Energy, Telecoms, Agriculture, Health and Education. Born in Ireland, Joe has lived in Madrid for the last 14 years.

Target Audience:

Startups, small and medium enterprises

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