Business Development and Advanced Key Account Management

Business Development and Advanced Key Account Management


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18 Nov. to 22 Nov.
10:00 AM to 03:00 PM
4250 USD
Near Hyde Park
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Course Overview


This course is designed for:

Marketing and sales professionals, corporate executives, advertising managers, business development managers, sales personnel and others who are involved in commercial activities at all levels of the organisation.


Define the key account management’s primary functions and best practices.
Identify the significance of re-defining businesses processes to match the ever-changing market and customer needs.
Produce clear deals and marketing differentiators to neutralise competition (value-based proposition).
Plan and use financial ratios and KPIs to measure their operations’ effectiveness.
Use leadership, negotiation and power proposals to leverage their business and lead the national key account team.

Course Outline

Day 1

Key Account (KA) Management: Overview and Best Practices

Key Account Management: An Overview.
The New Landscape of Account Management.
Comprehending the Buy-Sell Ladder Model.
Key Account Analysis and Qualifying.
The Key Account Manager as a Business Developer.
Comprehending and Working the Customer Loyalty Ladder.
Building Client Chemistry with F.O.R.M.

Day 2

The Business and KA Planning Process using the STAR Business Planning Process:

Strategic Analysis.
Targets and Goals.
Reality Check.

Re-Defining Your Processes for Breakthrough Results

Reengineering Your Team Selling Process to Avoid Mistaking Motion for Action.
Auditing the Selling Process.
Identifying your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and Distinctive Selling Points (DSPs).
Creating a Competitive Analysis Matrix Using USP and DSP to Neutralise Competition.
Designing and Implementing Key Performance Indicators.
Creating a Balanced Scorecard (Business Performance Audit).

Day 3

Powerful Negotiation Skills

The Definition of Negotiation.
The Difference Between Persuading and Negotiating.
The Negotiation Process.
The Phases of the Purchasing Decision.
Influencing Decision Criteria.
Effective Concession Management During Negotiation.
Completing Your Negotiation Plan.

Day 4

Building and Leading the National Key Account Team

Stages in Team Formation.
Building a High-Performance Team.
Defining Team Roles.
The Team Motivation Mix.
Management versus Leadership.
Practices of Exemplary Leaders (Industry Practices).

Day 5

Writing Business Proposals that Sell

Writing a Typical Business Proposal.
Formatting Tips and Tricks for Winning Proposals.
Creating Your Own Proposal Template Using a Suggested Proposal Format Guide.

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