Controlling Your Anger Before it Controls You (Anger Mangm)

Controlling Your Anger Before it Controls You (Anger Mangm)


Date & Time
7 April to 11 April
09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
2500 USD
Carlton Downtown Hotel dubai
دبي, United arab emirates

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Controlling Your Anger Before it Controls You (Anger Management) Objectives: By the end of this training course participants will be able to: - Understand both the “Right” skill set and mind set needed to properly manage their anger. - Learn to communicate angry feelings assertively and in ways that will take into account the needs of others. - Adopt a more constructive attitude towards anger and understand the difference between constructive and destructive anger. - Use practical techniques to properly handle anger in others.

Outline: Module 1 : Anger Anatomy: Is anger good or bad? Five famous myths about anger Having the “Right Mind Set” for managing anger Physical effects of anger Module 2 : The Anger Management Skill Set: Having the “Right Skill Set” for managing anger. The 4 deep sources of anger. The assertive statement to communicate anger. Rules of assertive behavior. Module 3 : The Anger Management Process: My personal anger assessment – Self-assessment. A four-step process to effectively express your anger. Module 4 : Handling Anger in Others: The importance of listening. Summarizing and reflecting back what was said. Reflecting emotions and reframing statements. Three-step technique for handling anger in others.

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