Developing Creativity Conference

Developing Creativity Conference



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Creativity is a lantern that lights the future of organizations and expands individuals' horizons to transcend and enhance their creative minds to achieve great success. Creative individuals are the nucleus of development who make positive strides in their lives, organizations, and societies.

Thus, came the idea for this year’s Gulf Innovation Company for Training and Development conference. Gulf Innovation found that creativity, on both an individual and organizational level, is gaining great importance in developing the human being as an individual as well as the output of organizations and companies. Yet in order for this equation to be complete, two more factors must be added– how to learn creativity and how to use creativity.

"Developing Creativity" is a conference that combines all dimensions of creativity from all angles by hosting the stars of this extraordinary art, an event that cannot go unnoticed by individuals and organizations.

Gulf Innovation Co. welcomes you to discover the beautiful world of creativity!

Who should attend this course?

Who looking for Creativity

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