Increasing Sales With Quality Customer Care

Increasing Sales With Quality Customer Care



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Did you know that people are willing to pay more for a product or service if it comes with exceptional customer service? This was the result from a survey led by American Express in 2011. It found that 70 percent of people were willing to pay 13 percent more on average for a product or service if it came with exceptional customer service. Join us as we share with you simple yet powerful and effective customer service techniques that will help you generate new clients and keep existing ones. This workshop is your chance to improve how your customer perceives and interacts with you and your business. It is your opportunity to: • Discover ways on how you attract and interact with your customers both online and offline. • Get hands-on, expert tips on making your customer experience remarkable adding more value to your product and service!

Come to our workshop' if you: • are starting a new business and want amazing service as part of your offering. • are working as a freelancer and need a way to out-run your competitors. • work for an existing business and want to find ways to serve your customers even better • If you are a small or medium sized business owner and want to grow your business.

What will you get out of this workshop? - Inspirational, innovative, yet simple ways to improve your overall impression your company gives out to potential customers. - use NLP secrete techniques to build customer loyalty. - explore attitudes and motivation to ensure your staff enjoy of being service to customers. - become a recognized market leader and make more money. - Have fun & network with other driven people

**Limited places available to ensure interaction

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