Kuwait Workplace Wellbeing Day Conference

Kuwait Workplace Wellbeing Day Conference


Date & Time
17 March
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
350 KWD
JW Marriott Hotel, Kuwait
Kuwait, Kuwait

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Kuwait Workplace Wellbeing Day 17 March 2020 – JW Marriott Hotel

Dr. Louise Lambert Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University, UAE Boris Diekmann The Spirit of Performance, Germany Andy Swann My Amazing Team, UK

Corporate wellbeing is helping organizations to attract and retain talent, reduce absenteeism and create happier and healthy workplaces.

http://www.platformkw.com/   Commercial Wellbeing: The bigger picture for happiness in the workplace The attention on workplace happiness has grown in recent years, especially in the GCC region. But, what does it mean to be "happy" at work? Is it just about more pizza parties, or is it something bigger, more meaningful, and which has the ability to transform people's lives? Dr. Louise Lambert, a regional positive psychology researcher and practitioner, argues the answer to that question is yes. In this talk, she explores the "Commercial Wellbeing" model recently put forward and from which it is possible to boost employee, customer, and community wellbeing. She uses case studies to bring theory alive and offers several small, practical activities for participants to do and experience. Dr. Louise advocates for the simple over the complex, the small over the big, and the need to take a more purposeful approach to work as it is more than a paycheck. Work is where people go to be great every day; it is also a vehicle through which organizations can make a positive contribution to the world.

Bio: Dr. Louise Lambert, PhD., is a Registered Psychologist (#2659, College of Alberta Psychologists, Canada) with 20 years’ experience in counselling centres, mental health, not-for-profit organizations, higher education and research, and primary healthcare organizations. She has lived in the United Arab Emirates for 10 years and is a positive psychology researcher and consultant, as well as clinical supervisor with the College of Alberta Psychologists, Canada. Regionally, she has developed a number of evidence-based positive psychology intervention programs, which were empirically validated in academic journals and which continue to be used in the UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia (Lambert, Budhraja, Mullan, & Gupta, 2018; Lambert, Passmore, & Joshanloo, 2019; Lambert, Passmore, Scull, Al Sabah, & Hussain, 2019). She recently published the Middle East’s first positive psychology textbook (Springer, 2019) and is also the founder and Editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, a journal dedicated to uncovering human excellence in the Middle East region.   Being a Chief Energy Officer Human performance is ultimately a function of human energy, reflected in our ‘state of heart’. When our hearts are in more open states, we naturally think, decide, collaborate, learn and adapt more effectively. Human energy goes straight to the bottom line. As a “Chief Energy Officer” our guiding question becomes: “How else could I nurture human energy, transform negative energy, and then direct that human energy towards a shared purpose?” In Boris’ experience this question is at the very heart of leadership. And it is less a question to find a definite answer to, yet rather one to be guided by – every day, one conversation at a time. It is a stance. And it inspired his book: “Chief Energy Officer – Universal Principles to nurture a Spirit of Performance”. Experiencing this interactive session, will allow you to reconnect with some of those universal principles that can help us be at our best more often and lead more consciously with a “Chief Energy Officer” mindset – at work, at home or in our community. The session is an opportunity to reflect on some elements of human energy that represent the starting point for senior teams embarking on a journey of transformation.
Bio Boris Diekmann has over fifteen years of experience in culture shaping, leadership development and personal transformation. He has been a Vice President with Senn Delaney, a culture shaping pioneer, and served as “Head of Culture” at Majid Al Futtaim in Dubai. As a consultant, facilitator and coach, he has supported senior leaders to nurture more thriving team-cultures e.g. at eBay, Rolls Royce, NATO, Nomad Foods, Hertz, l’Occitane en Provence, Novartis and British Telecom. He also co-devised and piloted the first ever Executive Development Programmed in NATO and was responsible for the Leadership Development activities at a global division at Siemens.  

A Platform for People: How enabling people to thrive catalyzes organizational success

• The modern differentiator: Creativity, Innovation and why collaboration is at the heart of it. • Statistics linking wellbeing, productivity, output and profit • People First: How major organizations are catalyzing success through people (Major case studies) • The benefits of designing a platform for people (with examples): • Physical Wellbeing • Mental Wellbeing • Balance

• Translating that to organizational design: where any organization should start • Right People, Right Places, Right Actions: Focusing on the frameworks of success. • Using some of the key themes of The Human Workplace to create your own framework • The Common Sense Company: How I took these models to build an international company from zero to fast growth in under 12 months.

• Global Strategy, Local Implementation: Empowering your people • Kit of Parts: The people who know most what they need to do a great job are the people doing the job. How to create policies and process to support that. • Keeping the Organization Safe: Freedom… within parameters

• 10 simple actions your organization can take now to build a platform for success. Bio: As Founder of “My Amazing Team”, Andy Swann works around the world on unique, innovative and impactful projects for some of the planet’s largest organizations and biggest brands. Known as an expert on the connection between people, organizations and action, Andy’s book The Human Workplace has been described as essential reading for all leaders. Its core message of people-first organizational success has gained attention across the media. A regular media contributor, Andy is often interviewed on television, radio and podcasts, sharing his views with an outspoken, energetic and relaxed style. He has been featured on the BBC, NBC, ABC, Fox and many others. In April 2019 he is launching the LifeWork podcast. Andy splits his time between Atlanta, GA and the UK and is always working on new projects. When not playing with ideas, he is dedicated to his four children and occasionally finds the time to play drums as loudly as possible.

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