Leading & Improving Communication at Work Seminar

Leading & Improving Communication at Work Seminar



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Course Overview

Topic Overview: Based on the relationship strategies in Dr. John Gray's books, this seminar will give you the strategies, tips and tools you need to create truly conflict-free business relationships.

Dr. Gray will analyze the ways genders misunderstand and misinterpret each other at the workplace, and will offer practical advice on reducing unnecessary conflict and frustration. He gives dozens of stepping-off points for exercises to help you ascertain what exactly it is that you want, and how to remove any obstacles--whether external or internal to enhance work-related communication.

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Program Outline: Applying his trademark practical advice to everyday business issues, John Gray will teach you how to achieve your goals and how to make the workplace a source of fulfillment by:

  • Improving leadership of a gender-diverse team
  • Building confidence and trust in a gender-diverse workplace
  • Building trust by enhancing communication
  • Create a more fulfilling and successful workplace by improving gender-diverse teams efficiency

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Learning Outcomes

  • Increase your performance by giving you the tools to improve communication, promote teamwork, and enhance working relationships.
  • Increase your productivity by providing a greater awareness and appreciation of the diverse characteristics within each of us – and how these differences can positively or negatively affect productivity
  • Increase your effectiveness by empowering you to overcome frustration and resolve conflict in difficult communication situations.
  • Increase your morale by utilizing interactive techniques that will promote respect and build trust.
  • Understand and effectively communicate with others
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Balance your work and home life
  • Have a simultaneous plan for your personal and professional growth
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Who Should Attend? All successful business professionals who want to ascertain what exactly they want, and possess a guide to assist them remove any obstacles--whether external or internal – with their opposite gender co-workers.

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Recent Clients

  • Google
  • YPO
  • The Texas Conference for Women
  • American Express
  • The California Women’s Conference

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