Procurement Skills in Developed Models

Procurement Skills in Developed Models



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Course Overview



The advanced procurement professional training program (APP) is an intensive program designed for Procurement Professionals and buyers in organisations, who intend to broaden, develop and deepen their procurement competencies. The course checks the strategic importance of procurement within departments by using concepts and thoughts for expand the procurement department’s efficiency and so that decrease costs all through the supply chain.

It is therefore critical for Procurement to permanently deliver value to the organisation by giving products and services that participates in the comfort and prosperity of the organisation. The (APP) is important course for Purchasing professionals who will provide their organisation with knowledge and real practical plans on how to make significant cost savings.

This course will present:

Study essential supply strategies.
Improve skills required for positive supplier relationships.
Estimate business continuity and contingency planning for procurement.
The concept of various effective procurement negotiations.
Understand how to evaluate a supplier.

Course Objectives:

Get an in-depth understand the concept of effective procurement.
Put the concepts of process-based costing.
Enhance crucial supply plans.
Enhance the required skills for effective supplier relationships.
Know how to build trust and establish reliability in a work team.
Conduct perfect negotiations.

Course Outline:

Day One Purchasing Organisational Structure

Explore purchasing capability for the organization.
General terms of purchase.
Procurement processes and cycle.
The supply chains.
The influence of the External Environment and solve problems.

Day Two Supplier Management

Convert the supplier relevance.
Total budget method.
Supplier rating standard.
Declining the Supplier Base.
Appropriate supplier Methodologies and performance.
Principles of good customer.

Day Three How to Communicate During Organisational Change

Communication techniques of verbal, non-verbal and written.
Challenges in conducting a good communication and reduce stress.
Internal communications and interaction openness build trust.
The success of organisational change lies in the reactions to change
Analysing and preparing for the employees’ reaction to change.

Day Four Negotiation tactics

Building negotiation skills allows you to set goals and persuade others more effectively.
A good negotiator aims to reach a wining situation and a deal.
Learning about efficient negotiations to minimize confrontation.
Ramp up your listening skills, hold back on your reaction and stay focused.
Challenges in conducting actual negotiations and how to overcome them.
Getting to know the other side.
Make a counter-offer that meets both parties’ needs.

Day Five Procurement Talent Management

Manage and develop the skills of existing talent.
Attract, orient and keep new talent
Plan and design a procurement talent structure.
suppliers’ performance metrics
Vendor evaluation system

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