Professional Financial Risk Management

Professional Financial Risk Management


Date & Time
24 Nov. to 28 Nov.
06:00 PM to 10:00 PM
300 KWD

Be Professional to manage Financial Risk

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5 Days Intensive Course in … Professional Financial Risk Management Course Duration 20 Hours – 5 Days – (4 Hours / Day). Course Detailed Outline  Understanding Bank Financial Statements from Risk Management Prospective  Overview of Financial Crisis, Lessons learned and impact on Kuwait  Overview of Risk Management Structure.  Overview Risk Classification Approaches  Financial derivative in Risk Management  Most used Quantitative Methods for Risk Management - Returns Attribution and Measuring - Detecting Overestimating IRR - Data Gathering and Sample Selection - Measuring and Modeling Assets prices Volatilities - Selecting Volatility Measures - Common Return Distributions in Risk Modeling - Confidence level and Fat Tail detecting for Hidden Risk - Frequency Distribution for Modeling Probabilities - Risk Adjusted Return Measures - Measuring Portfolio Risk and Returns - Modeling Beta, Covariance and Correlation - Excel Applications

 Value at Risk Approaches - Historical Simulation Methods - Analytical VAR - Monte Carlo VAR

 Foreign Currency Risk - Relevant Economic Factors - Value at Risk - Mitigation Techniques

 Interest Rate Risk Management - Relevant Economic Factors - Measuring and Modeling - Value at Risk for Fixed Income Instruments - Mitigation Techniques.

 Investment Risk Management - Investment classification (Equity, RE, FI, Funds, Private Equity and VC) - Relevant Risk factor per Class - Investment Performance and Economic Cycle - Measuring and Modeling Risk Adjusted Return - Value at Risk for Listed and Unlisted Equity Investment - Assets Allocation and Capital Market Expectations

 Liquidity Risk Management - Market Liquidity Risk - Funding Liquidity Risk - Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) - Net Stable Funding Ratio (NFSR) - Measuring Liquidity Risk: LAR, SAR, Skewness and Kurtosis - Risk Mitigation Techniques

 Review of Basel 2 and Basel 3

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