The Fundamentals of Quality Management

The Fundamentals of Quality Management


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4 Nov. to 8 Nov.
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Course Overview


No business ought to be without top-flight quality management. Quality Management guarantees that your clients always get the product or service that meets or surpasses their desires. It decreases time to market thus helps in advancing global exchange and upgrading advertising.

Execution of Quality Management in a product or service lifecycle will really manage the main root of issues, by decreasing rework, labour usage, and expanding profitability, process progression, giving better Customer Satisfaction and in this way keeping the client’s in the competitive market. This course will set any business on the way to accomplish the quality requested by customers.


By the end of the course learners will obtain:**

Recognition of a wide scope of quality management approaches and tools.
Specify which forms should be figured out how to accomplish consistent quality.
Analyse manners in which quality procedures are controlled.
Learn how to Analyse root causes and solve quality problems.
Estimate their own quality management skills and plan to fill any gaps.
Deal successfully with any quality challenge, picking right tools and strategies.

**Course Outline

Day 1

Introducing Quality Management**

Present the management of Quality.
Learn more about history of quality management.
Fundamental Quality principles.
How to measure the overall cost of Quality and non-Quality.
Realizing customer demands and anticipations.
Determining the systems that deliver customer requests.
Quality tools and methods.
Constant advancement.

** Day 2

Service Quality – Tools and Techniques**

A simple formula for successful Quality Management.
Measurement, observing and analysis.
Statistical procedure control.
Know what the Quality Management Systems is.
Total Quality Management.
Six Sigma.
Balanced Scorecard.
ISO 9000.

**Day 3

Finding and dealing with quality gaps**

What is Porter’s value chain?
know to prepare an audit.
Learn to audit a process.
Learn to report an audit.
Steps of Problem solving.
Root cause exercise.
Root cause analysis.
Pareto Analysis.
Risk management.

**Day 4

Managing Customer Expectations ** Building client anticipations. Connecting client demands to all. Identifying how to exceed anticipations. Expanding a culture of constructive self-criticism. Establishing a successful team. Quality circles. Requesting for feedback on performance. keeping estimation of effectiveness to assure satisfaction.

**Day 5

Delegation, Leadership and Total Quality ** Ask yourself about effective quality leader: Self-evaluation. Different types of quality leadership. Common quality management mistakes to avoided. Effective delegation. The delegation method. Planning for certification. Action Planning. Summary.

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