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Course Overview

Seminar Overview

It is time to diversify the economy and your company. It is past time to find a way to get disengaged employees inspired towards work hard and give their full attention. In this seminar you will learn about this way of thinking and may discover that you are an intrapreneur. Or you may recognize intrapreneurial employees and know how to create a better team as well as coaching them. The seminar will alternate between short talks on the stage and discussions at your table.

  • We’ll tell you the principles that 3M used to create the culture that released Art Fry to perform his intrapreneurial acrobatics. Despite overwhelming obstacles, he made Post-it’s® a success.
  • We’ll show you how Northern Gas Networks went from the bottom to the top of its industry in everything from financial results to safety.
  • We’ll show you how to tell the real intrapreneurs from the pretenders.
  • We will show you ways to motivate the disengaged employees with a variety of intrapreneurial opportunities and giving their best effort.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Many ways to use intrapreneurship.
  • How to be a good sponsor of an intrapreneurial team whom you trust.
  • How to tell true intrapreneurs from the posers that venture capitalists and call themselves promoters.
  • How to build an intrapreneurial organization.
  • Some facilitation tricks you can use to enliven your meetings.
  • Some great stories you can use to explain intrapreneurship to others.

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