Abdulaziz Al-Suraye
Trainer from Kuwait

Photography started as a simple, fun practice for me during my teenage years. I have since developed this practice into a successful business. Looking back, a great step in my journey towards professional photography was winning the VIVA Passion Contest in 2011. Receiving this award, as an amateur photographer among the many competing professionals, was great motivation to further my career in the world of photography. During this journey, I have faced many obstacles on the personal and professional levels; however, I have still managed to make an established career out of a personal hobby. I focus on commercial photography where I am known specifically for my food photography that has caught the eye of many restaurant owners all around the world, such as in France, Dubai, Qatar and China. My range of photography expands to include portrait and landscape photography. With every picture I take, I try to show people how I view the world around me in all its beauty.