Bashar Alsalem
  1. Roger Williams university .department of architecture . 1992-1995
  2. university of Louisiana 1996-1998 degree in architecture


  1. Member of Failaka Island design team.
  2. Kuwait municipality 1998-2007
  3. Ministry of foreign affair construction department 2000-2002
  4. Sphere design group 2003-2006
  5. SSH consultants 2006-2007
  6. Kayan office 2007- present

Worked as client representative during work with Kuwait maniciplaty with private developers in several major projects of the BOT department:

  1. Kuwait water front project phase 5
  2. Kuwait zoo redevelopment
  3. Main highways resting stations
  4. Heritage village .Kuwait city

Was also involved in the initiating and design phase and assigning consultants and contractors as a representative the state of Kuwait of the several projects during work with the construction department of the ministry of foreign affairs:

  1. Damascus diplomatic residence compound Syria
  2. Athens diplomatic residence compound and embassy Greece
  3. United Nations house Kuwait
  4. Ambassador residence Caracas Venezuela

Spheres design Self established as a design studio for residential and commercial projects

  1. Villa 12 residence
  2. Chocolate bar marina mall
  3. Al-Roudhan sports house Doha
  4. Juliea
  5. palace rest house

SSH Worked as a senior architect and a project manager of several projects during concept planning phases

  1. Shkh Salwa hospital Kuwait
  2. Fail aka island redevelopment master planning
  3. Alqurom crown plaza hotel .Muscat
  4. alsabiya resort Kuwait

Kayan office Established and partner - Worked as a principle architect leading a team of young local architects to produce several residential and commercial projects:

  1. Pacific hill residential Chalet
  2. Al-Baghli residence .Nuzha
  3. Cirrus house
  4. Burger boutique .Riyadh
  5. Wafra house and artificial lake