Dr. Abdullah Al-Failakawi
Trainer from Kuwait

CV Personal Information: Name: Dr. Abdullah Yousef Ali Abdulrehem Ali Alibrahim Alfailakawi Email: [email protected] Twitter Account: @Abdullah2020 Youtube Channel: AbdullahAlfailakawi Personal Blog: Abdullah2020.blogspot.com Slideshare Account: Dr.Abdullah Alfailakawi Personal Website: dralfailakawi.com Scientific Qualifications: • Certified certificate in English language, Interlink Language Center, Terre Haute, 2006-Indiana • Passed more than thirteen certified training course in many fields such as education, leadership, management and computer application in education • Bachelor in education, major: Islamic studies, assistant major: Arabic language, intermediate and secondary, College of education, Kuwait university – 2003 • Master of Science, Indiana State University, 2007 Major: Curriculum, Instruction & Media Technology with specialization in Educational Technology focus on (Instructional Design) • Doctor of Philosophy, Indiana State University, 2011 Major: Curriculum, Instruction & Media Technology with specialization in Educational Technology focus on (eLearning 2.0) Ranks and Honoring Awards: • Golden Key International Honor Society, 2009 • Pi Lambda Theta (most selective in education), 2009 Practical Experience: • Teacher of Islamic education subject in Palestine secondary school, from 2003-2005 • Lecturer Member of Kuwait university delegation, 2005-2011 • Volunteer at Indiana State University Child Care, Terre Haute, Indiana (2006). • Instructional Designer at Fuqua Elementary School, Terre Haute, Indiana (2007).
• Volunteer at Children’s Village Day Care, Bloomington, Indiana (2010). Committee: • Member supreme scientific consultation council at Kuwait university (chosen from 4 students representing university students in the council) – 2003 • Member at the social committee in the dept of curriculum and teaching methods – university of Kuwait, college of education 2011/2012 • Member in the supervision team for project of developing curriculum – Ministry of Education, state of Kuwait, 2011/2012 • Head of commission of electronic portfolio at college of education, Kuwait university, college of education 2011/2012 Scientific Research and Books: • Research titled (development of teaching skills for male and female students of college of education using the internet) – 2003 • Author of Studying Arts book – 2005 • Author of PB Works Wiki, a scientific and guide for teachers and educators – 2011 Scientific Conference: • Indiana Computer Educators Conference (ICE), Indianapolis, Indiana, January 2007. • Learning without Boundaries, the Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference 2007 at Purdue University, Indiana, April 2007. • Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Conference: On the Horizon..Rays of Change, Orlando, Florida, November 2008. • One Goal: Building the Future Together "Putting Families and Children First", Hyatt Regency, Tampa, July 2010. • The Nature Action Forum “Connecting Children with Nature Action Forum” in Nebraska City, NE, October 2010. • The Raggio Emilia Approach to Education: Experiences in Dialouge, Marina Hotel, Kuwait, March 2012. Memberships: • Member in Kuwaiti Committee for Youth Houses – 2000 • Member in Al-Yarmouk Sport Club – 2004 • Member in Association for Educational Communications and Technology – 2008. • Member in Golden Key International Honor Society – 2009. • Member in Pi Lambda Theta (most selective in education) – 2009. • The World Forum Foundation for early childhood leader – as National Representative for the State of Kuwait – 2011 • Member in North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) - 2011. • Member in International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) – 2011 • Member in The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) – 2011 • Member in Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) – 2011 • Member at Kuwait Teachers Society, 2011 • Member at Teaching Staff society at Kuwait University – 2011 Other Experiences: • Cultural team leader in Al-Yarmouk Sport club participating in the sport club league for the season (2004) • Chairman of Al-Walad Al-Saleh at Committee of Mafateh Al-Khair, 2003 • Training specialist, 2003 • Life skills trainer • Managed and prepared many specialized programs at teenagers affairs • Founder and director of preparing leaders at the committee of Mafateh Al-Khair, 2004 • Member at cultural committee at Al-Yarmouk Sport club Syndicate and Student Experiences: • Member at student council of Palestine secondary school – 1994 • Chairman of the cultural committee and member of the administrative authority in the educational society during 1999-2000 and 2001-2002 • Trustee of fund and administrative authority member in educational society for the syndicate year (2000-2001) • Secretary of student committee at the national association for Kuwait students, university branch – 2002 • Vice chairman of committee of elections of the national association for Kuwait students branch of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – 2003 • Vice chairman of branches committee at the executive authority in the national association for Kuwait students – 2003 • Member at committee of evaluating the flash memory project for e-books – ministry of education – state of Kuwait 2011-2012 • Member at committee of setting the primary vision for project of ministry of education as to (how to make professional preparation for e-learning with all schools of public education as educational concept) – Kuwait university – college of education 2011-2012 • Student activity supervisor at Palestine Secondary School 2003-2005 • Vice President of Muslim Students Association (MSA) at Indiana State University – (2005 – 2009). • Deputy of national association for Kuwait students – branch of USA – at city of IN, Terre Haute for the syndicate years 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 • Writer in Ishraq student magazine – issued from Qaemat Al-Mustaqbal, USA 2005-2010 • Leader of educational society for the syndicate year 2011-2012 • Founder and supervisor of elite club for training leadership and educational training for college of education students – Kuwait university 2012-2013 • Chairman of committee of how to make the professional preparation for e-learning at all public education schools as an educational concept – college of education – ministry of education 2012-2013 • Member of consultation council for practical education center (as a representative for curriculum dept and teaching methods) – Kuwait university – college of education 2012/2013 • Member of supreme committee for league of debates at Kuwait university – deanship of students affairs 2012-2013