Mohammad Alrasheed
Trainer from Kuwait

Mohammad has a unique ability to touch the heart of everyone he meets with his genuine interest and care for them. He loves to understand life and his commitment to food. To live our best life it’s not just about food and recipes. It’s also about eating healthy and balanced; yet allowing ourselves room to live in a realistic world that includes having a piece of cake at a birthday party without going on a 2 week binge after. And it’s about our healthy mind and soul, because that is where it all starts. Mohammad feels comfortable saying this because it has not come easy to him. (and is ongoing for all of us) Overcoming an eating disorder at a young age, back surgery, breakups, failed businesses…many things we all face and have to overcome. We can either use setbacks as excuses or we can use them as fuel to becoming the greatest success story we could ever hear. OUR OWN.